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Handle Supplies

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Door, handle, lock and hinge package offers

How to remove and replace a cylinder (barrel) lock

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1  Lever on rose handle as shown on right do not have a keyhole the keyhole cover escutcheon separate from the lever handle.

The term rose here applies to the round shaped always stationery part of the handle that is fixed to the door and through which the  square spindle which operated the latch operates.  This type of handle can be concealed fixed to the door where screw heads are covered or surface screw fixed where the fixing screws are visible. Very often these handles are also fixed to the spindle with a allen head grub screw through the underneath side of the handle

2  Lever on back plate handle

The term describes the long flat plate-like part of this type of handle that is fixed to the door.  As above these handles can be concealed fixed as shown on the left or surface fixed with the screw heads showing.  They can be grub screw fixed to the spindle similar to lever on rose handles. The keyhole is part of lever on plate handles. These handles are sold as latches, without a keyhole in the plate and as wc thumb-turn (privacy) options as well.  The handle shown has a keyhole and is termed a lever lock handle.


Call to us on  021 4883131  for advice or email  john@emhardware.ie

Choose from our endless range of quality handles, door knobs locks hinges and other fittings .

We regularly source special types of door fittings including handles, locks, door knobs,  cabinet knobs and  handles to match specific requirements.

We sell all manner of door locks and over the last 30 years we have very seldom failed to replace a broken lock with the same lock or a fitting alternative.

There are two types of door handle (door lever handle) as they also described

1 lever on rose handles                      2 lever on  plate handles

Considerations when you are choosing a new door handle

Choose a handle style that matches your door

If you are covering the marks of an old handle choose a handle with large enough plate

Choose a finish that will match in well with your house

Get a WC lock and privacy thumb-turn version of your new handles for your bathroom doors

 For worn doors or if you expect rough usage, choose door handles with grub screw fixing

Install you new locks and handles correctly, ask us for advice on any aspect

Ask us for any special door handle and lock fittings such a Jack and Gill bathroom locking.

Remember if you wish to install door knobs you need to install longer locks that suit knobs


Lever  on plate pol  brass

Mitered lever on rose handle

Stainless steel

Designer lever on rose handle

Tow tone finish  pol & satin chrome

Basta Belvedere handle

Tow tone finish,  pol & satin chrome


Lever  on rose, satin chrome



Carlisle Brass




Heritage Brass


Frank Allart


Henderson Hardware




Samuel Heath



Brands of  door handle

  that we sell

Satin chrome

Polished chrome

Satin nickel

Satin stainless steel

Polished stainless steel

Polished nickel

Polished brass un-lacquered

Polished brass lacquered

Polished brass PVD

Polished brass  Albrite

Antique brass

Aged brass

Antique pewter


Black antique


Antique silver

Dark bronze

Polished gold

Alu silver

Alu gold


Two-tone pol & satin chrome

Two-tone niclel & pol chrome

Two -tone pol & satin brass


Finishes of door handle

  that we sell